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An easy, simple and effective way to

Start A T-Shirt Campaign

Please complete the form below to start the process.  Once we receive your  form submission we will contact you to firm up details.  Then, we get to work  launching your campaign for you.  It's all free of charge and, if you want, we donate a portion of the funds to your family to help with unexpected expenses.

"Our family wants to help your family"

Picture book example

It's not just a T-Shirt!

We create an awesome picture book for your loved one to help overcome feelings of isolation, depression and being left out.

The book becomes a source of inner strength and evidence that your loved one has a support team rooting for them to fight!  We know this helps from our own experience.


How do you comunicate most often with friends and family?
When is a good day/time to contact you about the campaign?
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