Are you already helping families that are facing a crisis?

Referral Partners Earn $2.00 per shirt!

We compliment what you do by offering an additional way to show someone they have a strong support team when they need it most.

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Why Hope35

We offer a fresh & unique program  that compliments what you already do.

Is our Partner Program right for you?

We want to work with amazing non-profit organizations that dedicate their time helping individuals and families going through times of crisis.  Hope35 offers a unique fundraising campaign for those same families.  Our program focuses on boosting inner strength as much as raising funds.

What makes a Hope35 fundraising campaign different?

Other t-shirt platforms provide the basics like design tools, e-commerce stores, and fulfillment services. At Hope35, the most meaningful part of our mission is to drive people to fight. Our goal in every campaign is to pack as much support into it as possible, so that people never feel alone when battling adversity!  That includes organizing and managing a fundraiser.


Why we do this...

This message is from one of the first families we helped

“Hope35 has provided an amazing level of aid in the recovery level of our son, Brent.  He was involved in a high speed collision with a tree while traveling on an interstate and suffered life threatening injuries.  This was something that always seemed to happen to other people and not something that you would think would happen to your family. 


The calls and texts from so many people in our community were amazing and so many people wanted to offer help in any way possible.  Hope35 provided a platform for people to offer help that provided financial assistance with all of the expenses that were suddenly a burden. Joe and his team at Hope 35 did everything for us in this process - free of charge.


All that our family had to do was get the word out about the shirt fundraiser. Their goal was to sell 100 shirts and amazingly over 500 shirts were purchased.  The financial help was simply a bonus.  More important was the emotional and spiritual lift provided in seeing the daily rise in the number of shirts that were purchased.  What a great feeling to see that our community (and many people we did not know at all) was pulling for our son to work his way back to health. 


It provided a great deal of encouragement for him to work hard with the doctors and rehabilitation specialists to get back to leading a normal life.  We can’t say enough good things about Hope35. They played a huge part in this recovery process for Brent and our family - both financially and emotionally. We will forever be thankful. "  ~  The family of Brent Smoker

Program Highlights

Our partners share the Hope35 campaign idea with families that would benefit from our services.  We provide email templates, social media posts and a unique landing page branded with your logo that is included in your messaging.  

You earn a $2.00 commission on every shirt sold.  

You receive all commission payments automatically - 30 days after each campaign closes.

We offer a Partner dashboard so you can track sales, commissions and campaign progress 24/7.

We create a branded landing page to share with your families.  All sales from families that start a campaign originating from your landing page are assigned to you.

We create professional content (email messages and social media posts) that you have access to from your Partner dashboard.