About Us

A family mission transforming t-shirt fundraising online

Tracy Chase

2006 - 40 years old - Adenocarcinoma of the cervix - Stage 1B1

2009 - 43 years old - recurrence - Stage 3

Joe Chase

2012 - 52 years old - Squamous cell carcinoma - Stage 4

Ashley Chase

2020 - 24 years old - Astrocytoma brain tumor - Grade 3

We have experienced first hand the impact of a strong support team.

T-shirt fundraising site

Hope35 is transforming the typical tee shirt fundraiser website and turning it into an inner-strength raiser.  We take away the uncomfortable process of asking for help and we facilitate bringing together family, friends, and community in a tangible way that motivates your loved one when they need it the most.

When someone you love experiences trauma or devastating news; organizing a strong support system can remind your loved one that they are not alone in creating a bright future, in owning their new normal, and keeping a positive outlook.  


Our family wants to help your family show that special support.  All three of us have been through it - as a caregiver for each other and as the patient.  We truly want to help you with your custom t shirts for fundraising - whether it be a t shirt fundraiser for cancer or any other critical illness.

Our Story

Our family has been on this crazy journey, this test of our resiliency, over the past 13 years.  The HOPE35 name became a symbol that helped my family navigate this journey.  It all started when our Pastor gave a sermon that he almost scraped and never shared with anyone.  


When I was diagnosed with cancer the second time, and at my lowest point, our Pastor Matt was on a personal retreat.  He was struggling with his hearing and wanted alone time to find his inner strength.


While on his retreat, hundreds of miles away, Matt’s wife Shanda was reading Isaiah 35 and thought it might inspire her husband.  The two sent emails to each other at the same time about finding inner strength.  Pastor Matt took this as a sign that God was listening.


He shared his new found strength with his congregation and encouraged everyone to look for affirmations from God.  His message: “Don’t take my word for it; go find your signs.  Look for the number 35 and the word “HOPE”.


From that Sunday on, the number 35 and the word HOPE started appearing in my life in significant ways.  They became symbols of hope for me that God is listening.  Over the next 13 years, my family has continued to find inner strength from “HOPE35”.  They helped my husband battle stage 4 cancer and even more signs currently fuel strength for my daughter during her fight to live a normal life with a brain tumor.


Is it possible that our family can help your family find inner strength during difficult times?  I hope so.  It is our mission.  We want to use our experiences to help those in need realize they are not alone in creating a bright future, in owning their new normal, and keeping a positive outlook.   ~ Tracy Chase


Finding Your Inner Strength

The word “Hope” and the number “35” have become important symbols for our family.  For us, they are a “GodWink” - one of those little coincidences that aren’t coincidences, but come from divine origin.  They are symbols of Hope for our family and they add to our inner strength and resilience.  


What’s important during tough times is that you find your source for inner strength.  It’s well known that social support reduces the psychological distress following trauma and helps people to bounce back from events that threaten to stop them in their tracks.


Why a Custom T Shirt Campaign?


When Ashley's surgery was getting close;  we elected not to do a custom t shirt fundraiser.   We  took inspiration from other cancer fundraiser shirts but our goal was to lift Ashley's spirits when she came out of surgery.  For our family, seeing Ashley smile when she saw all the "Team Ashley" picture posts on Facebook was more gratifying then selling t shirts for fundraising.  It helped us realize every family's needs are different.

Our Top Hope35 Moments


2009:   The day Pastor Matt delivered his message, I came home from church to find a package from my sister who lives in Tennessee.  It was a block Christian fish figurine with the word HOPE carved into the middle .  The next day I had my first radiation appointment and my doctor said that I would have 35 treatments.  


2014: I attended a Christmas party with 20 or so friends, we played a random gift exchange game and I ended up with a HOPE Christmas ornament.  It was the only gift with the word HOPE.



2009: It was the day Pastor Matt delivered his powerful sermon asking his congregation to look for the word “Hope” and the number “35” to find hope and affirmation that God is looking out for you. My mom went home and decided to look through old pictures.  The first picture she came across was my high school basketball picture.  My uniform number was 35.  She jumped back in the car and went to our Pastor’s home to show him the picture.  Pastor Matt told me that he was second guessing his sermon message until my mom showed up on his doorstep with a big smile and the picture.


2022: Tracy and I made the decision to sell our business in Michigan and move to Kentucky to be close to Ashley.  The housing market was very competitive and we purchased a house without seeing it in person.  The first time we got to see our new home, we Google mapped directions from our driveway to Ashley’s house.  It was exactly 3.5 miles away.



2021: Before heading to Chicago for my surgery we stopped at the gas station to fill up my car and the total came to $35. We then plugged the hospital into the GPS where it said 350 miles to our destination.


2021: Rylan had one of the biggest races of the year in Indy and when we got our wristbands I was number 35. Rylan went on to win the race and became a national champion, also it was the race closest to my birthday!